County Health Plans

The County Health Plans (CHP), as administered by HealthPlus of Michigan, provides limited health coverage to the adult uninsured or underinsured residents of Bay, Genesee and Saginaw counties. The plans are not health insurance programs and offer limited health care coverage. County Health Plans reimburse providers for basic health care services such as: office visits, laboratory, pharmacy, and some radiology services.

The County Health Plans – Bay Health Plan (BHP), Genesee Health Plan (GHP), and Saginaw Health Plan (SHP) – are local, community supported health care coverage programs funded by local, state and federal funds. Covered services, provider reimbursement and contracting are determined by each County Health Plan.

*Hospitalization coverage is not provided through County Health Plans.  

County Health Plans are payers of last resort and there is no coordination of benefits. County Health Plan enrollees qualify for these limited coverage programs because they do not qualify or cannot afford other comprehensive health insurance. If you determine that a County Health Plan member has other health insurance, please contact HealthPlus Customer Service at (800) 854-7563 to report the other coverage.

HealthPlus Options  

County Health Plans have contracted with HealthPlus Options, a subsidiary of HealthPlus of Michigan, to provide administrative support for medical and pharmacy claims to the County Health Plans. HealthPlus Options processes payment for claims at the direction of the CHPs and assists with doctor changes, referrals, issuing of member ID cards, answering member and provider questions, and many other administrative tasks. Providers follow HealthPlus policies and procedures to provide available services to these enrollees.

Provider Participation with County Health Plans  

County Health Plans contract directly with providers. Providers should contact the local County Health Plan to inquire about participating in the program.

Member Coverage  

Descriptions of the Bay, Genesee and Saginaw Health Plans can be found on the secure provider portal of the HealthPlus website at .

Plan B Coverage  

Plan B is a locally funded, limited coverage program for adults, age 19 and older who are uninsured, do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, and usually are not offered health care coverage by their employer or cannot afford to purchase health insurance through the Market Place. Plan B programs are overseen by individual boards who determine coverage for the Plan B programs within each county.

Emergency Care: Plan B does not cover emergency medical care.

Laboratory Services  

For laboratory services, County Health Plan enrollees use the Joint Venture Hospital Laboratories or Quest Diagnostics located in the county of their eligibility. No other laboratory providers will be covered. County Health Plans reimburse providers for the in-office laboratory services covered by HealthPlus.

Selecting a Primary Care Physician  

County Health Plan enrollees may select a primary care physician (PCP) listed in the Bay, Genesee or Saginaw Health Plan Provider Directory.

Enrollees are listed on the HealthPlus Options eligibility list with applicable copayment information. Enrollees are issued a County Health Plan-specific member ID card and must follow the HealthPlus referral process using in-plan providers contracted with the County Health Plan.

Plan B enrollees select a PCP at the time of their enrollment with the CHP. Plan B enrollees may make a PCP change only once each year . Exceptions to this requirement are determined by the County Health Plan on a case by case basis.

Referral and Prior Authorization Process  

County Health Plans adhere to the “PCP as gatekeeper” model and follow the HealthPlus referral process. HealthPlus Options administers referrals and prior authorizations.

County Health Plans use the HealthPlus partnership with CareCore National to manage the Imaging Management Program for in-office and high-tech testing. For a description of coverage limitations, please refer to “Benefit Descriptions” for Bay, Genesee and Saginaw Health Plans, located on the secure provider portal of the HealthPlus website at

The Pharmacy Prior Authorization Request Form and the prior authorization criteria documents may be found in the secure provider section of the HealthPlus website or may obtained from the HealthPlus Pharmacy Department at (810) 230-2118.

Ordering physicians are responsible for obtaining prior authorization from CareCore for outpatient, non-ER, high-tech testing, including but not limited to:


Not covered by SHP or BHP 


Not covered by SHP, GHP or BHP 


Not covered by SHP, GHP or BHP 

Nuclear medicine, including PET

Not covered by SHP, GHP or BHP 

Nuclear Cardiology

Not covered by SHP, GHP or BHP 

Submitting a Claim  

County Health Plans do not cover inpatient professional or facility services. Please refer to County Health Plan Benefit descriptions located on the HealthPlus provider portal at for additional information on covered services.

Claims may be sent to:
Bay, Genesee or Saginaw Health Plan
c/o HealthPlus Options
P.O. Box 1700
Flint, MI

County Health Plan Formulary  

HealthPlus Options administers a limited County Health Plan drug formulary for enrollees in the Bay, Genesee and Saginaw Health Plans that is not intended to provide coverage in all drug categories. HealthPlus Options covers the generic product when a drug is available in generic form. The enrollee is responsible for the full cost of the medication if the member chooses to receive the brand name medication rather than the generic.

Medications that are not on the formulary are not covered. If a physician requests a non-formulary medication, HealthPlus Pharmacy staff may recommend formulary alternatives. If a formulary alternative is not appropriate or not available, please contact the County Health Plan directly to speak to a prescription assistance coordinator.

Prescription Drug Assistance - refer all County Health Plan enrollees who need prescriptions to:

Bay Health Plan at (989) 895-4008
Genesee Health Plan (810) 232-7740
Saginaw Health Plan (989) 341-3900

For more information about County Health Plans, please contact:   

Bay Health Plans: 989-895-4008
Genesee Health Plan: 810-232-7740
Saginaw Health Plan: (989) 341-3900