Weight Management Services

HealthPlus offers members benefits for procedures related to weight management services.

A referral from the patient’s primary care physician (PCP) is required. The HealthPlus Medical Director determines whether the member meets medical criteria based upon a review of available information and application of nationally recognized clinical criteria.

The member’s PCP must complete and submit a Weight Management Data Form on behalf of the patient.

If the submitted form is incomplete or not signed by the PCP, the form will be returned for completion. A referral will not be entered into the HealthPlus system until the Weight Management Data Form has been completed by the PCP and resubmitted to HealthPlus.

For assistance in completing the Weight Management form, please contact the Referral Department at 800-733-6360 or 800-942-5974.

Requests for weight management program pharmaceutical products are managed by the HealthPlus Pharmacy Department. Pharmacy requests may be faxed to 810-720-2757 or 810-797-4181.

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