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Adding a Practitioner to Your Practice

HealthPlus utilizes the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) Universal Provider Datasource (UPD) as the application for participation.  

The following information is required to complete a HealthPlus Intake Form: 

  • Physician/Provider’s full name 
  • Provider Specialty: PCP or specialist 
  • Credentials (MD/DO, etc.) 
  • Board certification or board eligibility 
  • If certified, Board expiration date 
  • Medical specialty 
  • Post-graduate specialty training completion date 
  • Primary Physician Group affiliation (if a PCP) 
  • Other physicians/providers in practice (if joining an existing group) 
  • HealthPlus-affiliated hospital privileges 

Note: If your affiliated Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) or Physician Organization (PO) administers the application process, please follow the appropriate guidelines set forth in the PHO/PO agreement. 

The following criteria are considered before an Intake Form for participation is accepted: 

  • Network adequacy requirements 
  • Physician-to-member staffing ratios 
  • Board certifications 
  • HealthPlus-affiliated hospital privileges 
  • Malpractice insurance coverage 

Upon receipt of the Intake Form and the applicant’s released CAQH application, HealthPlus will verify multiple elements of the applicant’s credentials, including:  license, education, professional liability coverage and history, status of National Practitioner Data Bank reports, etc.  In the event that HealthPlus discovers information during the verification process which varies substantially from that provided by the applicant, HealthPlus will notify the applicant and allow the applicant to correct any erroneous information.   

The length and duration of the investigation and verification process can vary from 3 weeks to a few months, depending on the findings.  Applicants may request information as to the status of their application at any time by contacting the Credentialing department at 810-230-2058. 

Upon completion of the verification process, the application will be submitted to the physician/peer-represented HealthPlus Credentialing Committee, for approval. In some circumstances, the application may also be submitted to the HealthPlus Medical Affairs Committee and the HealthPlus Board of Directors. 

Once approval is granted, you (or your PHO/PO representative) will receive a welcome letter that includes the contract effective date, the HealthPlus provider identification number and instructions related to "Getting Started" with HealthPlus.  

New physicians joining your practice must be credentialed by HealthPlus, prior to seeing any HealthPlus members.