Cost-Saving Prescribing Considerations

HealthPlus can help to reduce your patient’s costs of medications by recommending some basic elements of cost effective prescribing.

The cost of medication can be easily calculated:

Pharmacy Expenditures = (Cost of Rxs) x (Number of Rxs)

You have two options for decreasing pharmacy expenditures:

  • decrease the cost of prescriptions
  • decrease the number of written prescriptions

The most effective way to decrease pharmacy costs, while maintaining quality, is to increase the use of generic medications.

  • The average cost difference between a brand name drug and generic drug is significant (>$100 per prescription).

For cost-effective, high quality prescribing, remember to:

  • consider the appropriateness of all prescriptions.
  • monitor for over-utilization and polypharmacy.
  • consider over-the-counter (OTC) products, when appropriate.
  • think generic when selecting a medication to prescribe.

The HealthPlus Drug Formulary , the one-page HealthPlus Formulary Quick-Check References and other formulary references indicates which products are available in a generic form. If a generic alternative is not appropriate, consider selecting a formulary brand name drug, rather than a non-formulary drug, from the same therapeutic category.

For more information about saving prescription costs, please contact the HealthPlus Pharmacy Department at (810) 230-2118 or at .

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