DMEPOS Supplier Information

HealthPlus contracts with many suppliers of durable medical equipment (DME) and prosthetic and orthotic (P&O) supplies and services (DMEPOS). For reimbursement of the costs of DMEPOS supplies and services, a contracted HealthPlus physician must prescribe the supplies and services to a member.

Requests for prescribed supplies and services will be authorized by HealthPlus within the limits of the member’s benefit package and must meet coverage and quantity criteria, as defined by the member’s plan. The DMEPOS supplier may request that the prescribing physician provide specific patient information or complete forms that verify a member benefits.

HealthPlus follows general Medicare guidelines for all non-Medicaid members.

Upon discharge from a hospital stay, hospital staff will assist the physician and HealthPlus case managers in arranging for DME and P&O supplies and services.

For more information about DME and P&O supplies and services benefits offered by HealthPlus, please contact the HealthPlus Customer Service Department at (800) 332-9161.

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