Laboratory Services Overview

HealthPlus is partnered with Joint Venture Hospital Laboratories  (JVHL) as the preferred laboratory vendor for outreach laboratory services. JVHL is a network consortium of hospital laboratories located throughout the state of Michigan. The JVHL network hospitals provide 24 hour/7 day laboratory testing. Patient Service Centers (draw sites) located throughout the community and on hospital campuses also provide courier services to all physician clients.

Though JVHL is contracted as the preferred laboratory vendor, members can also use Quest Diagnostics draw sites, anywhere in Michigan. Regardless of the laboratory you use for your HealthPlus patients, the pertinent lab values will be reported to HealthPlus to ensure that all HEDIS  data has been recorded.

In-Office Laboratory services 

HealthPlus will reimburse physicians for selected lab services performed in the office.

The Bay Health Plan , Genesee Health Plan , and Saginaw Health Plan  also reimburses for selected lab services performed in the office.

JVHL and Quest draw sites can be used by members with the following HealthPlus programs:

Participating JVHL and Quest Patient Service Center draw sites can be found on their respective web sites.

For more information about laboratory services or benefits please contact Customer Service at: 800-332-9161.

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