Administration of Drug Formularies

HealthPlus administers drug formularies that vary by product line. The HealthPlus Drug Formularies  are developed through collaboration among practicing physicians and pharmacists on the HealthPlus Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

Drug Formulary Resources

Drug formulary information is also available through various e-prescribing applications. Prescribers may perform eligibility checks and formulary checks and obtain prescription histories for HealthPlus members, prior to transmitting the prescription(s) to the pharmacy.

HealthPlus also provides an online member-specific formulary search tool that provides up-to-the-minute formulary information. Members may search for a specific drug (by brand or generic name) and view generic status, formulary information and copay/cost information (based on the member’s specific copay design).

HealthPlus coverage does not include dental benefits, but as a value-added service, we cover a limited list of medications when prescribed by a dentist. These medications are indicated in the HealthPlus Drug Formularies 

For more information about the administration of drug formularies, please contact the HealthPlus Pharmacy Department at (810) 230-2118 or at

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