Member Satisfaction Plan

HealthPlus is committed to providing the best possible service to our members. The Member Satisfaction Plan has been established to provide our members an avenue to follow in situations where they are dissatisfied with a contracted provider, policy, procedure or benefit of HealthPlus. Both a routine and expedited process are specified to assure that an appropriate problem resolution process is utilized. In order to improve and strengthen our programs, HealthPlus provides our members with an opportunity to express their concerns. In keeping with this philosophy, the Member Satisfaction area is committed to continuous quality improvement by way of education for our members, providers and HealthPlus staff.

In order to assure central coordination and administration of the Plan, the Member Satisfaction area will oversee adherence to the policies and procedures that govern grievances, maintain centralized record keeping functions and prepare quarterly summaries for the HealthPlus Board of Directors as well as state and federal regulators.

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