Patient Self-Determination Act Advance Directive

As a health maintenance organization with a contract to service Medicare members, HealthPlus is required to meet the provisions of the federal Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) concerning advance directives.

The Act requires HealthPlus to:

  • Provide written information to all adult members (not just Medicare members) at the time of enrollment concerning their rights under state law to execute an advance directive
  • Document in the adult member’s medical record whether or not an advance directive has been executed
  • Not condition the provision of care or otherwise discriminate against an individual based on whether or not an advance directive has been executed
  • Ensure compliance with state law respecting advance directives
  • Educate staff and the community on advance directives
  • Maintain written policies and procedures on all of the above requirements

HealthPlus provides information to adult members regarding advance directives at the time of enrollment through applicable member handbooks or a separate document entitled “Your Right to Make Medical Treatment Decisions.”

The quality management review team at HealthPlus verifies whether there has been any discussion regarding advance directives documented in patient charts. Our members are encouraged to discuss their treatment choices with their primary care physician and members of their family. Whether or not they fill out a form (Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, Living Wills, handwritten instructions, etc.) is strictly their choice and will not affect their health care coverage in any way.

For your convenience, informational materials and Advance Directive forms can be found on our website at in the Provider section.

If a member has a complaint about noncompliance with an Advance Directive by a provider of medical services, the member may file the complaint with the Michigan Department of Community Health.

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