Member Responsibilities

HealthPlus recognizes the following responsibilities of its members:

  •  To treat all HealthPlus and affiliated provider personnel and other members respectfully and courteously.
  •  For HMO members, to select a primary care physician upon enrolling with HealthPlus.
  •  To keep scheduled appointments or give adequate notice of delay or cancellation.
  •  To provide information that HealthPlus, participating physicians, and other affiliated health care providers need in order to provide health care benefits and to care for them.
  •  To be honest and complete when providing information to the treatment staff, including a complete and accurate medical history and any complications that may arise in the course of treatment.
  •  To follow the recommendations and advice they agreed to with the treatment staff concerning their care and to consider the potential consequences if they refuse to comply.
  •  To participate in understanding their health problems and developing mutually agreed upon treatment goals.
  • To express their opinions, concerns, or complaints in a constructive manner to the appropriate people within HealthPlus or the affiliated provider network.

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