Corporate Compliance

HealthPlus of Michigan, Inc. and its Subsidiaries, HealthPlus Insurance Company and HealthPlus Options have established and currently maintain practices and procedures which collectively comprise the HealthPlus Corporate Compliance Program (CCP).  This program is intended to prevent, detect, and correct any illegal or improper conduct.  The Compliance Program consists of rules and regulations for both HIPAA (Privacy and Security) and Fraud, Waste, & Abuse, and specifies the structure, policies, procedures, and practices that constitute the HealthPlus Compliance Program.  Compliance is not a “policing” action, but a way to ensure everyone is “doing the right thing”.

Below are links to components of HealthPlus’ Compliance Program:

Compliance Program

HealthPlus Compliance Program  

HealthPlus Privacy Notice

HealthPlus Privacy Notice

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Definitions
  • Examples
  • Reporting
  • The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act:  Red Flag Rules

Fraud Waste and Abuse 

Medicare Advantage–Prescription Drug Fraud, Waste, and Abuse General Compliance Training

Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug Fraud, Waste, and Abuse General Compliance Training

Deficit Reduction & False Claim Act

Deficit Reduction & False Claims Act