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  • Medicare Icon Drug Utilization Programs

    HealthPlus has specific programs in place to monitor for overutilization of drugs, particularly opioids and acetaminophen. Opioids are medications that can be very effective in managing pain, but they can also be dangerous if not taken correctly. Opioid medications, such as Norco® (hydrocodone) and OxyContin® (oxycodone), are commonly misused.  

    The HealthPlus Drug Utilization Program works together with your doctor to help make sure medications are taken safely. This program also helps us identify possible cases of fraud and abuse. HealthPlus also monitors for un-safe amounts of acetaminophen (also known as Tylenol®). Acetaminophen is commonly found in combination with many prescription and over-the-counter pain medications. Acetaminophen at amounts above 4,000 milligrams (4 grams) per day has been associated with cases of acute liver failure, at times resulting in liver transplant and death. The HealthPlus Drug Utilization Program will review all your prescriptions for acetaminophen content and contact your physician if you are receiving un-safe amounts.

    If you would like more information about the different Drug Utilization Management Programs at HealthPlus, please contact the HealthPlus Pharmacy Department at 877-710-0993.