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  • New Member ID Cards

    All HealthPlus members with effective dates before June 1, 2014 — except Medicare Advantage members* — are receiving new ID cards. This includes current commercial and individual members. The new ID cards have new billing information for your pharmacy benefits. Members without HealthPlus prescription drug coverage can use the new ID cards for pharmacy flu vaccines and preferred diabetic test strips. 

    HealthPlus members should begin using the new cards starting June 1, and should destroy their old HealthPlus ID cards. If additional cards are needed, members can request them via the Member Service Center.

    New HealthPlus Member ID Card Sample

    ID cards shown are samples only. Your ID card may be different.

    If you have not received a new ID card by June 1, you should present your HealthPlus ID card to the pharmacy, along with the billing information provided below. Communications regarding this change and instructions for how to handle members who have not yet received new ID cards have been communicated to pharmacies as well.

    Pharmacy Billing Instructions

    Please submit pharmacy claims to MedImpact using the RxBIN, RxPCN and RXGroup numbers listed below.

    RxBIN: 003585 (first two digits are zero)
    RxPCN: ASPROD1 (fifth digit is the letter "O")
    RxGroup: HPM07 (fourth digit is zero)

    Note: The person code MUST be appended to the 9-digit member ID number. Using the sample ID card shown above, if the 9-digit ID number is H12345678, and a pharmacy claim is submitted for Jonathan, who is member 03 on the card, then the full member ID number is H1234567803.

    Important Telephone Numbers

    HealthPlus Customer Service Department: 1-800-332-9161
    HealthPlus PPO Customer Service Department: 1-888-212-1512  

    *Medicare Advantage members will not be receiving new cards, and should continue to utilize their existing HealthPlus ID cards.