• Continuing your health care services with Molina Healthcare of Michigan

    What's happening?

    Molina Healthcare of Michigan has begun providing health care services for HealthPlus Partners and MIChild members. You may change to another Medicaid or MIChild plan if you wish.

    What this means to you

    If you did nothing, you became a member of Molina Healthcare of Michigan on Sept. 1. You keep your Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan or MIChild health care benefits. Now your services will be provided to you by Molina, instead of HealthPlus. Former HealthPlus Partners members may change health plans within the first 90 days after Sept. 1, 2015, by contacting Michigan Enrolls. MIChild members may change plans by contacting MIChild. Keep your appointments, and look for new Molina ID cards in your mail.

    What you should do

    HealthPlus and Molina are working together to make this change seamless for you. You can help by:

    • If you take prescription drugs, check Molina’s drug list to make sure your medication is covered. The list of approved drugs for your health plan is available at
    • If your doctor has approved a drug for you, Molina will honor the approval beginning Sept. 1.
    • If you have a medical appointment or procedure scheduled before or after Sept. 1, keep it. Your continued care is a priority. HealthPlus and Molina are working together to make sure you experience no care disruptions.

    Your latest “Healthier You” newsletter contains more information. You can read the newsletter that was mailed to you or read an online version. If you have questions, contact Molina member services at 888-898-7969.