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Ask for 90 Rx Program

Helping you save on prescriptions 

If you have a prescription drug benefit with your HealthPlus, HealthPlus Options, HealthPlus Senior (Medicare) or HealthPlus PPO coverage, you can save up to one third on your prescription copays!

HealthPlus Ask for 90 Rx program gives you a choice 

You choose where to have your prescriptions filled. Our Ask for 90 Rx program allows you to receive a 90-day supply of medication from a participating local pharmacy or by mail with Express Scripts.

Save time and money 

Filling a 90-day prescription costs less (savings in copays) than filling the same prescription three times in three months. And, you save time by filling prescriptions less often!

How to participate 

At your next visit, ask your doctor about switching to 90-day prescriptions for appropriate medications. Most medications, including injectable insulin, glucagon, Epi-Pen and Imitrex are available through this program. Please note: If your doctor is prescribing a medication for the first time, you will need to fill a 30-day prescription first to ensure that the drug and dose are right for you.

Participating pharmacies 

Use the Provider Directory  to locate a participating pharmacy near you; or for assistance by phone, contact the HealthPlus Customer Service Department at 1-800-332-9161.

Important things to know about Ask for 90 Rx

  • All standard HealthPlus programs and restrictions apply (i.e., generics, Step Therapy, Prior Authorization, quantity limits, etc.)
  • Refill restrictions apply. This means that if you have already been receiving a medication, you have to wait until it is time for a refill before filling the 90-day prescription. The number of refills allowed is determined by the information on the prescription from your doctor and by the parameters of the law for prescriptions.
  • Prescriptions cannot be transferred from mail order to a local Ask for 90 Rx pharmacy. If you were using Express Scripts and would like to receive your prescription from a local participating pharmacy, you need a new prescription for a 90-day supply.
  • For courtesy and convenience, most participating pharmacies prefer that you order refills at least a day or two in advance. Planning ahead may save you a return trip to the pharmacy in the event that they don’t have enough doses on hand to dispense a 90-day supply.
  • Contraceptive medications will continue to process for a three-month supply for one copay at all network pharmacies.
  • It may not be medically appropriate to fill all prescriptions in a 90-day supply. Your doctor can determine the medications for which this is suitable.