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HealthPlus PPO

The smarter, better PPO that blends freedom and choice with the preventive care benefits that made HealthPlus famous. Now, you can experience:

  • Large choice of providers
  • Ability to receive care from virtually any doctor or hospital without having to get a referral
  • Complete coverage for routine preventive services
  • Coverage for emergencies worldwide
  • Disease management programs for diabetes, asthma and heart disease
  • HealthQuest Rewards Program with discounts on fitness clubs, weight loss programs and more
  • Access to our award winning customer service department to answer any questions about the plan

How the PPO Plan Works

Smarter PPO Benefits 

The HealthPlus PPO also includes the following:

  • Complete routine preventive care including immunizations for children and adults with no dollar cap on preventive services
  • Broad network of preferred providers to allow convenient access to in-network benefits
  • A deductible that applies to the annual out-of-pocket maximum

In-network services 

When you seek covered services from HealthPlus preferred PPO providers, you typically experience lower out-of-pocket costs. Preventive services are not subject to your deductible, coinsurance or copayments. And you'll pay a flat dollar copayment for physician office visits. While your deductible and coinsurance may apply to other services at the physician's office, your preferred provider will submit your claims to HealthPlus for you. You don't have to be concerned about paying the difference between the amount HealthPlus allows for a particular service and what the provider charges.

HealthPlus has made it easier for members to receive care from a preferred provider, by developing an extensive network in Michigan and across the country.

To locate preferred providers, go to www.healthplus.org or call a Customer Service Representative at 1-888-212-1512.

Out-of-network services 

When you obtain care from non-preferred providers (physicians who do not participate with HealthPlus PPO), you will pay a greater portion for your cost of care (deductibles, copayments, coinsurance), and you may need to submit your own claims.

Your care is covered after you have satisfied our total yearly deductible, so you may have to pay for all or a portion of the bill for services until the deductible is met. You may then be required to pay an amount known as coinsurance (a fixed percentage of the bill). And, your non-preferred provider may bill you for the difference between their charge and the amount that HealthPlus allows for that particular service.

Travel Coverage 

HealthPlus PPO covers you wherever you go in the United States. If you need urgent care outside of the State of Michigan call GlobalCare at the number listed on the back of your PPO ID card and you will be directed to a HealthPlus preferred provider.

Emergency Coverage 24/7 

HealthPlus covers emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world. If you have a life-threatening emergency call 911 or go to the nearest emergency facility. If you are hospitalized, you or your representative should contact HealthPlus within 24 hours or as soon as possible. If you see a non-preferred provider, you may be charged the balance after HealthPlus has paid the PPO allowed amount.

HealthQuest Perks Program* 

HealthPlus wants to help you attain your total health goals and feel better about yourself. So our HealthQuest Perks Program provides valuable discounts on fitness and weight loss programs, as well as on medical supplies like blood pressure cuffs, pedometers, weight scales and more.

Have questions? 

Get answers on our HealthPlus Web site Contact Form or call our award winning Customer Service Representatives at 1-888-212-1512.

*HealthQuest Rewards is a value-added program and the services and products made available under this program are not covered benefits otherwise payable under HealthPlus PPO. HealthPlus, its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents and assigns, make no representations or warranties regarding the quality, price, or effectiveness of the services or products, or the credentialing of the providers, made available by HealthQuest Rewards.

HealthPlus PPO is a product of HealthPlus Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of HealthPlus of Michigan, Inc.