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State of Michigan Employees Open Enrollment

August 1-31, 2013

HealthPlus benefits and rates are effective October 2013

HealthPlus plans offer a perfect combination of coverage, service and price for every stage of life.

  • The HealthPlus HMO Plan is for individuals and families who want a comprehensive package of health care benefits with affordable, predictable out-of-pocket costs and virtually no paperwork. 

  • Take a more active role in managing your health and wellness through our Integrated Health Management Program.

  • Find your doctor in the HealthPlus network
    1. Follow the link to  Find a Doctor/Hospital  
    2. Select “HMO” as the type of plan you are considering 
    3. Select the provider type and fill in any additional information you might have 
    4. Provider results will be displayed, along with patient accepting status
In-network Plan Highlights
   Plan PP
(Hired on or before 3/31/2010)
Plan PN
(Hired on or after 4/1/2010)
PlanType HMO      HMO
Deductible No deductible No deductible
Dollar Maximum on Preventive Services No dollar maximum No dollar maximum
Office Visit Copay $10 $20
Urgent Care Copay $10 $20
Emergency Room Copay  $50 $200 copayment or 50%, whichever is less
Hospital Copay $0 $0
Generic Rx Copay $5 $10
Brand Rx Copay $10 $30


We would love to take care of you and your family!

Enroll with HealthPlus today - www.Michigan.gov/selfserv.